Mail-In Items

$15.00 - $100.00
Mail-In Items

You can now send your favorite items directly to Lisa Marie to be signed! Fans can send items to the following address:

Lisa Marie Varon
PO Box 120454
San Diego, California, 92112


Once mailed out, please email [email protected] with the following information:
First & Last Name
Shipping Address
What type & quantity of item(s) you are sending & (photos, cards, apparel, title belts, etc)
Any specific inscription/personalization you would like (must be appropriate)

Upon receipt of mail/items, the LMV team will verify your information and send you an email, confirming that your items were reached by Lisa! Once confirmed, please select the type of item(s) you sent to be signed in the options below and then proceed to checkout. Upon confirmation of payment, Lisa will personally sign all your delivered items and ship it back to you! Sent more than one item to be signed? Please up the quantity on your item specific type.

Lisa is also offering a Package Deal! Should you want 10 photographs and/or trading cards signed, the exclusive Package Deal option allows you a special discounted price! (For example: you can send in a combination of 5 photographs & 5 trading cards, 10 photographs, or 10 trading cards, etc).

Note: you will NOT be charged for shipping at checkout for mail-in items, fans MUST send items with pre-paid postage or return self-addressed stamped envelope/box so items can easily be sent back to the sender. Buyer is responsible for adding tracking/insurance for their return items as well. We are NOT responsible for lost items.

Have any questions or concerns? Feel free to email us: [email protected]